Drain Locating/ Cleaning

The drain pipes in your home are the single most important component of your plumbing system because when working properly, they safely carry away the waste water generated by day to day living. However, when your drains get backed up or become clogged, you run the risk that your entire system may become compromised. Before long, your dirty waste water may not be flushing properly and you could notice that your entire drain system begins backing up and even potentially seeping through the drains. If this continues, you run the risk of flooding your home or other issues occurring with your pipes. When drains become clogged or damaged and stop working properly that waste water ends up right where you don’t want it, in your home!

Drain Locating:

CopperStone Plumbing provides our customers with diagnostic information as to the condition of sewer and drain lines. By sending our color video camera into the line, we can detect root intrusion, broken lines, foreign objects, low spots (a.k.a. sag or belly), and visible defects. The camera is introduced into a line (1¼-inch and larger) by accessing a wall or ground level cleanout or from the roof through the sewer vent. Sewer video inspections include a USB Thumb Drive of the inspection, including the depth and location of any problem areas.  

CopperStone Plumbing offers regular maintenance and inspections for the drain piping in your home. As well as emergency service for those unexpected stoppages.

Here is a small list of drain services we offer:


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