Green Tac

Green Tac Salt Free Water Treatment System

Green Tac Scale Control Technology

SP3 Filtersorb has been proven 80% effective vs. a salt based water softener

SP3 does not remove the minerals from your water but instead turns them into harmless crystals that pass right through your plumbing system

1. Sediment Filter

– Removes Dirt & Sand from water using 5 Micron Sediment Filter

2. Coconut Shell Carbon Filter

– Removes Chlorine & Other Contaminants From Your Water

– Fresh, Great Tasting and Smelling Water At Every Tap In Your Home

– Coconut Shell Carbon Is One Of The Most Porous Substances On Earth & Is Ideal For Water Treatment

3. SP# Filtersorb Media

– Reduces Scale & Protects Appliances, While being Virtually Maintenance Free

4. UV Light

– Kills Bacteria & Microorganisms Without The Use Of Chemicals

Green Tac - salt free
Green Tax - Hard water pipes/ Soft water pipes
6 Liter
  • *Installation Included
  • *Loop Required
8 Liter
  • *Installation Included
  • *Loop Required


  • 20 Year Limited Tank Warranty​