Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is the most effective and economical way to provide your home with high quality drinking water. No more buying plastic water bottles to get pure, great tasting drinking water! 


Going through multiple filters that remove unwanted materials such as Chlorine, Mercury, and Fluoride, the water then goes through a semi-permeable membrane which continues to remove inorganics and heavy metals to create one of the purest forms of water you can have in your home. Pure water is produced AS YOU USE IT!


We also offer a wide variety of Reverse Osmosis Faucets with different design styles and colors to match your existing kitchen faucet.

4 Stage Reverse Osmosis


*Includes filtration & Installation

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis


*Includes filtration & Installation

Alkalizer Reverse Osmosis


*Includes filtration & Installation

*Prices conveyed are for the product, materials used, and installation labor cost. Quotes and pricing are subject to change depending on total hours worked and other factors. CopperStone Plumbing cannot sell the product without the service of our professional installation conducted by our experienced technicians. Please contact CopperStone Plumbing to get an accurate quote and pricing.