Water Softeners

Better Equipment, Better Water, For A Better World.

Our objective is to provide modern, economical equipment that will have a reduced impact on our environment and your wallet. We recommend using Clack products when looking at water softeners, as they are one of the leading manufactures in the water treatment industry, geared towards providing user friendly and environmentally conscious equipment at a competitive price.


Many companies offer equipment that is of a low cost to them, merely to increase their profit margins. They do this by marketing equipment that was engineered almost 40 years ago. The Fleck 5600 valve came out in 1980 and is still being manufactured today and although it is a reliable piece of equipment, technology has come a long way. Metered valves today allow for lower salt and water usage, resulting in lower cost to the customer and less of an impact on the environment.

Fleck 5600 Valve

According to a study conducted by WQRF (Water Quality Research Foundation) water softeners can reduce your soap usage up to 70% and allow you to use cooler water while achieving the same, if not better stain removing results. This equates to more energy savings, less cost of detergent and a reduced footprint on our environment as most soaps/ detergents contain phosphates, which in large quantiles can have a negative impact on our eco system.

Water Softeners help reduce irritation to your skin, reduce/ eliminate water spots on your dishes, and because they eliminate calcium scale buildup, they make your home much easier to keep clean. When purchased at a fair price, a water softener is a great investment and will actually pay for itself many times over. Why? There is less of a need for harmful cleaning products. With a water softener you can expect a higher efficiency from your water heater and an extended life expectancy from appliances, faucets, shower heads and clothes. This adds up to thousands of dollars that can be saved by using soft water, plus it adds to a better quality of life for you and your family.

AND REMEMBER – Just because your water softener is broken doesn’t mean you need a new one. We service and repair almost all makes and models of water softeners. Most of the time a water softener failure is a result of a valve seal failure or other valve components that can be relatively inexpensive to fix, compared to buying a new unit. Don’t let someone tell you that your unit is garbage until you give us a call.

32,000 Grain Softener
  • Includes Install*
  • Loop Required*
40,000 Grain Softener
  • Includes Install*
  • Loop Required*

48,000 Grain Softener
  • Includes Install*
  • Loop Required*
64,000 Grain Softener
  • Includes Install*
  • Loop Required*

*Prices conveyed are for the product, materials used, and installation labor cost. Quotes and pricing are subject to change depending on total hours worked and other factors. CopperStone Plumbing cannot sell the product without the service of our professional installation conducted by our experienced technicians. Please contact CopperStone Plumbing to get an accurate quote and pricing.