FLO By Moen

Flo by Moen Smart Water Security System

A System Designed to Detect and Protect

Flo by Moen is a revolutionary smart home water security system that features a suite of products to protect your home from water damage and leaks, 24/7. The Smart Water Shutoff monitors your entire water supply system for leaks and vulnerabilities, while the Smart Water Detector senses leaks and moisture outside of the pipes, such as overflowing drains, appliance failures, or weather-related issues.

Flo by Moen

How It Works!

Moen’s Flo detects and eliminates leaks. The smart water security system monitors everything from your toilet, shower, or faucet to the pipes in your foundation and behind your walls, so there are no surprises on your water bill or disasters when you return home from vacation.

Flo by Moen is installed on the home’s main water supply line, allowing the Smart Water Shutoff to monitor all water entering the home. Three sensors on the Smart Water Shutoff actively monitor water flow, pressure, and temperature. These sensors, together with the Smart Water Shutoff’s algorithms, allow Flo by Moen to identify and safeguard the home from issues such as leaks, burst pipes, and more!

Every night, Flo by Moen runs a health test on your system. The Smart Water Shutoff can detect leaks as small as a drop per minute, you’d likely never know these existed until you had a problem such as water damage, mold behind walls, or even an unexplained rising water bill.

Your smartphone is command central. From here you can get alerts and turn your water on or off from anywhere in the world (assuming you’re connected).

Secure Your Home’s Water From Your Phone

  • See how much water you are consuming with daily trends and set goals to save water and money.
  • Check your real-time flow rate, pressure and temperature of running water into your home.
  • Get all of the pending alerts in real-time. Get detailed information, troubleshoot the issue and shut off the water.
  • See your water usage by fixtures and appliance, track your historical consumption, set goals and more.
Flo by Moen Phone Alert

A Guarantee Against The Unexpected

While the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff is proven to decrease water damage incidents by 96%, accidents can still happen. And while we can’t always predict these incidents, we can plan for them. And the new FloProtect Plan is designed to do just that.

Flow by Moen will cover up to $5,000 of your insurance deductible so you can focus on what matters most during an emergency.

With a FloProtect Plan, you can extend that warranty to 5-years, the best warranty in the industry.

Save Money On Home Insurance

You may be eligible for a rebate or discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy by having Flo by Moen installed. Confirm with your carrier before purchasing. Incentives vary by state.

Save Money