Residential Leak Detection

Residential Leak Detection

Has your water bill risen despite you trying to reduce water usage? Or can you hear water running when you know for sure all the taps are off in the house? You might have a leak hidden somewhere within your house. If these leaks are not taken care of they can eventually lead to foundational damage, mildew growth and much more. The positive side of things is that finding these leaks have never been easier, with Electronic Leak Detection, CopperStone Plumbing, LLC. can find exactly where the leak is coming from without being intrusive or destructive.


What Causes Water Leaks

Water leaks can appear from a variety of different causes, normally it comes from poor workmanship when the house was built. Leaks can also be caused when the pipes rust, erode, or break down from wear and tear, and occasionally from abrasive chemicals. Electronic leak detection helps us find exactly where the leak is without having to tear down the walls or foundation to pinpoint the location of the leak.

What Kind of Damage Leaks Can Cause

Water damage from leaky pipes can cause huge problems for you and your home, not only does it affect the structural integrity of your home, but it can also affect your health. Water from leaky pipes promotes mold and fungal growth, and this can lead to some serious health issues. For most people mold and fungal spores will cause nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, coughing, and sneezing fits, however if you have a weak immune system it will cause even further issues for you.

Now if knowing that health issues aren’t a good enough reason to check for leaky pipes, then damage to the structural integrity of the house might be a reason. Water damage can cause walls and ceilings to sag, discolored walls and if left long enough the support beams on the house will start to become compromised. And of course, with all of this, the property value of the house will fall drastically. Check your pipes today with Electronic Leak Detection by calling CopperStone Plumbing, LLC.


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